PT. Gunung Sagara Buana, as one of coating manufactures in Indonesia, is established in 1987 which has international standard product in accordance with ISO 9001-2008. The international standard quality level was achieved due to the support of Indonesian expert who have good spirit of partnership and excellent mastery of high technology. They come from many different knowledge and are highly dedicated in providing good services to all our customers.

We realize that hard working is the key to our success in achieving good results. We thank to Allah SWT to his favour, our customers, distributors, agents, partners, employees and government of Indonesia for their support and trust PT. Gunung Sagara Buana. We hope that we would become foundation to boost up the growth and development in the future.


Gunung Sagara Buana (GUSANA Paint) has evolved from a hard working of its founder and owner, Cholil Hasan Ph.D who has began its journey from nothing. He started as a R&D in 1974 with Nippon Paint and continued his working at ICI Paint Indonesia in 1976 for 8 years. Based on his background experience, He finally established PT. Gunung Sagara Buana in, August 1987.

PT. Gunung Sagara Buana, which is located at Jatisari – Jatiasih, Bekasi, has produced hundreds brands of coatings with 10,000 tons of annual production capacity. That is an undeniable evidence and show that our company has a significant role to contribute the national development.

The products that our company produce have good quality based on the standard not only national but also international (ISO 9001 certificate) with the materials of friendly environment. Besides that, our company consists of experts of doing their job, and the production process must pass through laboratory and research test.
Gusana paint is among Indonesia’s market leader in paints & protective coatings, in terms of both range and quality of the products is offers. Our household paints, automotive finishes, industrial paints, heavy duty & marine paints and decorative have won a large share of Indonesia’s rapidly growing domestic market. The company enjoys the benefit of strong technical support from some of the most established and reputable international producers in the field.

Nowadays, due to highly effort done by Cholil Hasan and His employees experienced, hundreds of customers from industrial business put their trust on PT. Gunung Sagara Buana.


To become paint industry leader in creating value to customer.


Providing best products optimum satisfaction and becoming the best supplier for our customers, following keep and care for health, safety and environment.

Board of Directors

  • Genta Ginanjar, ST, MIB
    Genta Ginanjar, ST, MIB President Director
  • Rama A Nugraha, SE, BBA (Hons)
    Rama A Nugraha, SE, BBA (Hons) Marketing Director
  • Milana Shyntadewi, ST, Msc
    Milana Shyntadewi, ST, Msc Finance Director